Sunday, August 16, 2009

Jungle fever!

Hello everyone!
Here are Jungle's yummy samples that got in just in the nick of time! And you will be so happy that they did, they are super soft, super scrummy and super squidgy! She has sent in awesome handspun yarn and gorgeous mini batts. Have a look...

Her batts are superbly lofty and the handspun yarns and so softy and squishy! If you haven't got your box yet, you are in for a treat! :)

I must admit I have already had to splurge in Jungle's shop and bought 'Mog' for a friend.... she might not get it though! ;)

Thanks Jungle for such a beautiful and soft contribution!

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Last minute addition

Hey all.

Jungle has just snuck her samples in, just in time to make it into our first box.

I will post pics up asap, but our first lot of boxes are about to go on sale in a matter of minutes!

Wish us luck.... :)

Monday, August 10, 2009

Buying time!!

Hey everyone. It is finally time to let you know of the purchase details. I have PM’d those at the top of the waiting list on Rav so if you haven’t had a msg yet, you will be up there next time. If you didn’t get a msg but would like to buy one anyway, I will be putting half of the remaining boxes on Etsy at on Tuesday night at 8pm Sydney time and the other half at 8am Wednesday (also Sydney time). They will be $25 instead this time as most boxes will only have 12 samples- though there will be some bumper boxes! When you buy one you can elect whether you would prefer mostly yarn or mostly fibre and we will do our best to accommodate everyone, but unfortunately can’t make promises. Feel free to PM me if you want more details or have any questions.
A huge thankyou to everyone who has supported this mammoth first effort! Next month looks to be shaping up to be even bigger and better! :)

Friday, August 7, 2009

Spinning Ewe Yarns

Hello everybody,

These are my yarns that I am contributing, but in the interest of fairness (don't want to give myself an unfair advantage!) I am just simply posting the pictures and the link to

Sthrnx's handmade glass buttons

Hello everyone,

New to the box today are Sthrnx's handmade glass buttons- and they are such stunners! It has been said that her buttons are little works of art, and I can't tell you how true that is! The amount of detail that goes into each little button is just incredible.

Sthrnx has sent in a huge variety of her buttons but there are even more beautiful creations on her website which is well worth checking out.

Here is a closeup of one of her samples, just to try to give you an idea of the quality and detail in each button, but I'm afraid that the photo's just don't do them justice! Sthrnx's photos on her Etsy shop show them even better at

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Minique minigoats

Hi everyone,

Here are some more samples from a different Celia this time. Celia from Minique Mini goats has contributed some cute samples of her handspun yarns. This first sample is called Watermelon wine and is made from Cashmere and Wool. Lovely and natural texture!
Celia has also contributed some handspun wool and viscose (8ply) that is quite light to handle. This could knit up to have an interesting tweed look to it. It will be great for you all to see what I mean when you get your boxes!
If you would like to see more of Celia's yarns or order anything from her, she has a store on MadeIt called The Yarnbarn. It is well worth having a look at her stud site too, which has beautiful goats milk soap too.

Shiloh Wool

Hello everyone,

We have some more fibres in, this time from Shiloh wool who have contributed some delightfully soft Australian Wool and Thai Silk blends in a natural creamy colour. I hope you can see how beautiful the twist is on these samples, it is just gorgeous! You wouldn't believe how smooth they are either!
The 4ply Silk Dream yarn samples are spun from ‘Silky Wool’ (trade name ‘Optim’), the same wool fibre as the tops samples, and have a twist of silk filament. So luxurious!
Shiloh wool have also sent in some luxurious 'Silky Wool' which is pure Australian Merino that has been treated in a way that makes the fibres more lustrous and two or three microns finer than it was originally. How cool is that? There is more info about this for those who are interested on the Csiro website.
If you are interested in any of Shiloh Wool's products, drop Jenni and Tony a line at who have been so friendly and helpful whenever I have emailed them. Included in the box will be their brochure with heaps more info and products too!

Celia's samples

Hey everyone!

Here are some much awaited samples from Celia at Celia's Basket that are amazing! She has generously sent in a variety of organic hand dyed wool tops (19.5 micron!!!!!! Sooooo soft!!!) and hand dyed yarns.

These are the pics of the wool tops. They are so soft and lofty! Can't wait for you all to try some of these out!
More wool tops....

And here are the lovely and soft hand-dyed samples that Celia has sent in. Aren't they beautiful!

I love these soft, but clear colours! If you want to see Celia's other gorgeous yarns and fibres, have a look at and guess what? She is having a MASSIVE sale right now!! Really worth having a look at what she has, Celia is a master at what she does!! :)

Monday, August 3, 2009

Spacefrog has landed!


Here are the absolutely amazing sock yarns from Spacefrog. The first photo I have included just because it was so exciting to open up her box and to see all of her yarns together. Hopefully you will feel the same when you have your box full of everyone's yarns!

Aren't they awesome! Once again I am head over heals in love with the colours that have been used. My poor savings is not looking so great anymore! :)

My son has already put in his order for lots of the rainbow yarn! I can't decide which colours I like the best from Spacefrog! They are all so beautiful. Thanks Spacefrog these are great!
Have a look at Spacefrog's store on Etsy at


Hello again.

Here are the soft and squidgy hand spun yarns that wearablesok have contributed. They are so bright and fun! Imagine my excitement when I opened the package and these came tumbling out! A feast for my fingers and eyes! :)

Wearablesok has contributed some super samples in a few different colourways that are all eclectic and exciting to see the unique combinations of fibres.

Most exciting of all were the four bigger samples that were sent in that will be included in four random boxes! Have a look at their sparkly, stunning, squidgy, sumptuous goodness! :)

AND.... (you thought that would be it didn't you?) Wearablesok has even included a free pattern for every box!!! Follow the instructions on the card and she will send you as a PDF file! How cool is that!? Have a look at what else she has on her website

The Yarn Cafe

Hi Everyone!

Sorry for the delay in the next lot of pictures, haven't been too well the past few days.
Here are the pics of the samples from the Yarn Cafe who have contributed some beautiful yarns. All of them have been packaged up superbly and have the most incredible shades!

I have just fallen in love with the stunning colour schemes that the Yarn Cafe has used! They are rich and earthy, but not in the least muted. So soft too! They would knit up beautifully for almost any project you can think of. I'm thinking I'll be using the dark blue in the bottom right hand side for a squidgy thick pair of socks for hubby. He pointed that colour out, so the Yarn Cafe should be very proud- it takes a lot to gain his interest, let alone enthusiasm! :)

If you would like to see more of what the Yarn Cafe offers have a look at