Monday, August 3, 2009


Hello again.

Here are the soft and squidgy hand spun yarns that wearablesok have contributed. They are so bright and fun! Imagine my excitement when I opened the package and these came tumbling out! A feast for my fingers and eyes! :)

Wearablesok has contributed some super samples in a few different colourways that are all eclectic and exciting to see the unique combinations of fibres.

Most exciting of all were the four bigger samples that were sent in that will be included in four random boxes! Have a look at their sparkly, stunning, squidgy, sumptuous goodness! :)

AND.... (you thought that would be it didn't you?) Wearablesok has even included a free pattern for every box!!! Follow the instructions on the card and she will send you as a PDF file! How cool is that!? Have a look at what else she has on her website

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