Friday, April 30, 2010

Raxor's samples

Last one for now for the quick posts....
Here are the gorgeous samples from Raxor who has sent in some delightful raw alpaca fleece for us to play with. This is from the alpaca called 'Brinley' who has three lovely daughters on the farm that is Raxor's. This fleece is straight from Brinley's back so still has that incedibly fresh, soft feeling- just like patting a live alpaca! :)
The samples all have a great crimp to them and are so soft and smooth. It would be great to see these spun straight up with all those natural oils still in the yarn or even as a cute needle felting project! The great thing about this soft neutral, natural colour is that you could leave it as is and it would look beautiful, or you could dye it very easily as it would take up the colour wonderfully.
Raxor also stocks a variety of knitted products, jewellery and thick, smooshy handspun. I have seen some of her spinning before and it is very well made. Why not go and check out her stock at I'm sure there will be something you will fall in love with!
Thanks for the samples Raxor!
(more photos to follow)

Knits and Pretties Samples

Hello all,
Another very quick post while prebuying options go out...
Here are the samples from Bec from Knits and Pretties - aren't they spectacular? I am just a little bit in love with the dark one hiding away in the background. It reminds me of black forest cake! Yum!!
These stunning samples are handpainted, light fingering weight yarn and best of all- all bamboo!!! If you have never felt bamboo yarn before (which I hadn't until these samples came in) then you are in for a real treat. It is incredibly soft yet feels very sturdy and has an amazing sheen to it. Bec also has this yarn undyed in her shop Knits and Pretties if you are one who enjoys dying your own yarn. I personally LOVE these colourways though!
Come on over and have a look at the incredible variety that Bec offers in her shop Knits and Pretties at (she has some beautiful jewellery too at the moment!).
Thanks Bec for these gorgeous yarns!
(more pics to follow)

Tarndwarncoort Samples

Hello everyone!

Just a very quick temporary post for you to see the next bunch of contributors who have just finished in time before the prebuy option goes out. This lovely one is from Tarndwarncoort in Victoria. Wendy Dennis from Tarndwarncoort has generously contributed samples of her delicious 4 ply wool and 8 ply wool/silk blends- all made with Polworth wool. The colours for these are absolutely vibrant and strong, ranging from the deepest blues to the softest pinks. I think my favourite is the lively orange hiding away a little in this photo. They are a gorgeous soft and squishy yarn, which I am sure has the gears in everyone mind whirring already at the potential projects! :)

Wendy has been incredibly helpful and welcoming while talking to her about Ewe Beaut, (as I'm sure she is all the time) and has been a pleasure to deal with. I am sure you will be most impressed with her products!

Come have a look at her website for Tarndwarncoort at and while you are there looking at the yarns, check out the accommodation! Looks like a very relaxing place! Thanks Wendy! I am sure we will all be very impressed by your products.

(More photos to follow.....)

Monday, April 26, 2010

Stranded in Oz

Hello again!
I would like to introduce our other new contributor to Ewe Beaut- Melissa from Stranded in Oz who has really taken our love them seriously to make some love-ly samples for the Ewe Beauties. She has sent in simply her best reds and roses along with a little bonus to really win us over! :)

Before I gush over the samples themselves I have got to point out the cute and careful way that she packaged them to look like roses! Isn't that gorgeous! :)
They are all luxury fibre samples of organic merino top (oooh! spoilt!) with the one above in sweet dark pinks, mauves and dusty rose.
The colourway below is in cherry reds and rich pinks. Every sample comes with a delicate stitch marker too that has been beautifully presented, being tied to Stranded in Oz's business card with a velvet ribbon! It is the little details like this that make Stranded in Oz's samples very special.
What, me? A little bit in love? How did you guess! :)
I really can't wait for you all to get your samples, but in the meantime, you really have to come and check out Mel's store at, I had so much fun looking about and dreaming! :)
Thanks Mel!

Yay for Yarn Samples

Hello everyone!

We have two exciting new contributors this time! Our first is the lovely Kiri from Yay for Yarn who has sent in four gorgeous colourways for us to try out. Apologies first for the not-so-great photographs- these yarns have such a beautiful shimmer that it is hard to capture, so above is with the flash, below is without, thought I better include both so that you could see how irridescent they really are! Especially 'Starry' colourway (second from the left above, second from the top below) which is a sparkly sock yarn! How cool! It is 98% Australian Merino Superwash and 2% silver.
The colourway up the top of the above photo is 'Knitosophy', something which I think most of us ascribe to! :) 'Knitosophy' is 100% Superfine Australian Merino Superwash (what a mouthful!) so I'm sure you can imagine how lush it is! It is part of Yay for Yarn's Dream in Colour range that includes 'Starry'.
Next one down (underneath starry) is Bearfoot which is part of their Mountain Colours range in a gorgeous superwash, mohair and nylon blend... so soft!! Last but not least is 'Crazyfoot', also part of the Mountain Colours range, which is a superwash merino and nylon blend. This colur is the most vibrant, tempting red sock yarn I have ever seen! Love it!

If you haven't visited Kiri at Yay for Yarn you really should, she is very helpful and has a great range!
You can find her at

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Sthrnx's handmade glass buttons

Hello everyone!

Have a look at Sthrnx's buttons!! Don't they just get more beautiful every time? Teri from Sthrnx consistently makes her handmade glass buttons to such a high quality that it is always a delight to open her packages. These ones well and truly live up to this expectation with incredible details and thoughtfulness that only Teri can provide.

Every single one of these buttons have been handmade by Teri from Sthrnx making these a true labour of love; a theme that she well and truly embraced when designing these buttons featuring cupids, hearts and deep reds.
These buttons can be used on just about anything, but with the rising popularity of upcycling these would be ideal to give new life to an old garment. I have used them on a knitted cowl and a jacket and both look fantastic with the addition of Sthrnx's handmade glass buttons.
Why not pop over to her store and have a look? Teri often has incredible specials that make her buttons and jewellery even more of a temptation! :)
Sthrnx's Etsy site is-
Thanks Teri for generously contributing a gorgeous button for every Ewe Beaut buyer! We are very spoilt! :)

Thursday, April 1, 2010

Needle food's Samples

Hello everyone!

Here are the deliciously delectable delights from Needle food! If you have ever bought from Needle food before then you will know the high quality that Michelle consistently provides- and if you haven't used her yarn yet then you are missing out! :)

The tasty yarn treats that Needle food has contributed this time are in the beautiful 'Plumberry Ambrosia' colourway with shades of aqua, purple, green and lime (and a super generous 20grams too!). It is the perfect sock blend of 80% merino/20% nylon and a very wearable 23 microns. This sample is fingering weight so best used on 2-2.75mm needles. Most importantly though, it looks awesome! :)
Needle food is also offering Ewe Beauties a special offer again this time around but you will have to wait til the sampler gets here to find out. At the risk of sounding like a infomercial host 'but wait, there's more...' Needle food is also including a delicious New Zealand 'Whittakers' chocolate with every sample!! Ultra scrummy!

If you haven't been to Needle food's site you really must go and spoil yourself, Michelle always has the best eye for colour!
Needle food's website is-
Thanks again Michelle for such amazing contributions! We have been very spoilt! :)