Monday, January 4, 2010

February Box

Hello everyone,

I am finally getting my act together after a very busy festive season (we move into our new home on Friday!! Yay!!!) so thought I should start asking people what they would like to see as the theme for the next Ewe Beaut sampler.

So if you have a suggestion for a theme for a box for February, I would love to know about it, so drop your suggestion in as a comment, post it on Facebook or let me know on Rav and I will set up a poll on the 10th of January with the suggestions. The person with the most votes will see their theme for the sampler and will snag themselves a free one for their creative energies! :)

Catch you soon!

PS. The facebook comp will finish up by sale time for the box so there is still plenty of time to add friends to our Ewe Beaut group! :)