Monday, August 10, 2009

Buying time!!

Hey everyone. It is finally time to let you know of the purchase details. I have PM’d those at the top of the waiting list on Rav so if you haven’t had a msg yet, you will be up there next time. If you didn’t get a msg but would like to buy one anyway, I will be putting half of the remaining boxes on Etsy at on Tuesday night at 8pm Sydney time and the other half at 8am Wednesday (also Sydney time). They will be $25 instead this time as most boxes will only have 12 samples- though there will be some bumper boxes! When you buy one you can elect whether you would prefer mostly yarn or mostly fibre and we will do our best to accommodate everyone, but unfortunately can’t make promises. Feel free to PM me if you want more details or have any questions.
A huge thankyou to everyone who has supported this mammoth first effort! Next month looks to be shaping up to be even bigger and better! :)


  1. You might want to put them up at different times in future, as some of us are currently conferencing overseas and not able to be online in the evening sydney time.

  2. Thanks Catherine, there are also some going up at 8am Sydney time too, for those earlier buyers.

  3. Aww I missed out :( That's what I got for avoiding the internet because I didn't want to study! Although I really shouldn't have really been spending money at the moment so it's probably a blessing in disguise! Anyway, big congrats to you for getting this organised so quickly - I think a lot of people are oing to be very excited soon :)

  4. Ah, sorry about that. Brazillian time and jetlag must have fried my brain, I thought for sure this said both sets were going on sale at 8pm (on different days).

    Hopefully I'll be able to get one next time.