Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Shiloh Wool

Hello everyone,

We have some more fibres in, this time from Shiloh wool who have contributed some delightfully soft Australian Wool and Thai Silk blends in a natural creamy colour. I hope you can see how beautiful the twist is on these samples, it is just gorgeous! You wouldn't believe how smooth they are either!
The 4ply Silk Dream yarn samples are spun from ‘Silky Wool’ (trade name ‘Optim’), the same wool fibre as the tops samples, and have a twist of silk filament. So luxurious!
Shiloh wool have also sent in some luxurious 'Silky Wool' which is pure Australian Merino that has been treated in a way that makes the fibres more lustrous and two or three microns finer than it was originally. How cool is that? There is more info about this for those who are interested on the Csiro website.
If you are interested in any of Shiloh Wool's products, drop Jenni and Tony a line at shiloh40@bigpond.com who have been so friendly and helpful whenever I have emailed them. Included in the box will be their brochure with heaps more info and products too!

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