Monday, November 30, 2009

Celia's samples

Here are Celia's wonderful samples of her new range of yarn called 'Warmth 8'. It is a very cozy 8ply of 21.5 micron merino wool.
These are a very snugly range of yarn that would be great for both those who want to venture into dying their own colourways or those who like a more natural tone to their knitting. Just gorgeous either way!
Celia has sent in some good sized mini skeins that would certainly give you a feel for the beautiful way in which this yarn handles.
She has also sent in 2 extra big 50g samples for two lucky buyers!! Very generous Celia, thank you!!

What a wonderful contribution to this sampler that will keep a wide range of people very happy I am sure :)
Don't forget to check out Celia's other products at-
and keep up to date on her blog-
Thanks Celia for joining in again! I know many look forward to your contribution :)

Sunday, November 29, 2009

Wooltopia's samples

Doesn't this picture just make you drool? :) All of these wonderful Christmassy samples were sent in by Wooltopia who also loved them so much that we just had to show you the piccies that she sent in with them.

First is the colourway 'It's Christmas' which is a 10ply cotton/bamboo blend (such an awesome blend!). This is more on the Earthy side of the collection that Wooltopia sent in.
Next is 'Semi Forest Green' which is a beautiful blend of different shades of green-

Then we have 'Xmas' which is slightly more on the brighter side of 'It's Christmas'.

Then lastly this is 'Semi Red' which is a lovely bright and fun red- perfect for Christmas!

These are all 10 ply cotton/bamboo blends and can be bought from Wooltopia's shop where you can find plenty of other tempting colourways!
Thanks to Wooltopia for such an amazing Christmas collection!!
Remember to check out the shop-

Ms Gusset's Samples

Hi Everyone!

Sorry it's taken so long, but here are Ms Gusset's samples. What an exciting package to open! They look as beautiful as these pictures- maybe even more so :)

The yarn is all Australian grown, spun and dyed. It is Aussie merino machine wash wool with a dash of nylon to make those socks extra hard wearing.

The colours are perfect for the traditional Christmas with a generous amount given in the sample. It knits up beautifully too! Have a look-

Ms Gusset has also thought of the spinner out there with her super squidgy, super soft hand dyed optim top. They are in gorgeous greens and ravising reds and are a good sized sample to get a feel for Ms Gusset's quality work.

These really are fantastic Christmas samples and I think we will be seeing Ms Gusset's work more and more as her website gets up and running ;)
Don't forget to check out her website and even sign up to the mailing list at-
Thanks Ms Gusset for your awesome samples!!

Sunday, November 22, 2009

Jungle's samples

Hey (again!)
It is with great excitement that Jungle has rejoined the sampler with some awesome samples!! She has made up some great mini batts and some funky merino tops for us this time.

These mini batts are just gorgeous!! They are made from creamy Aussie merino and a touch of nylon sparkle, making them shimmer beautifully. The red one is called 'Mulled Wine' which is just a brilliant shade of red with hints of dark purply-red just peaking through and a sparkly gold shine to it. I'm loving this one!
The blue one is called layer cake and has more aqua and purple than is showing up in the picture. It is just divine too!!
The mini tops are very cute with top left being called 'Disco Kiss' (love that name!), centre is called 'Misty Forest' and top right is 'Tutti Frutti'. These are incredibly soft and are all Australian merino that have been hand dyed.
Jungle always has a good eye for colour and a great sense of fun in her colourways! Plus she has a special offer for any Ewe Beaut customers! Very tempting!!
Don't forget to check out her other colourways at
Thanks for your awesome samples Jungle!!

Zanz Thingz

Here are Zanz Thingz samples. These are particularly lovely as they have four different aspects of Christmas represented in their colours.

First there are the colours of the Christmas Tree with a variety of shades of green in "The Tree" on 10 ply cotton (above right)
Then decorate your tree with the lovely bright reds, golds and blues of "Jellybean " on lovely squishy soft 22 micron merino tops (below left).
Add a Christmas night - the white of the bright star to guide you against the deep blues of the night sky in "Night Star" on 22 micron merino (above right).
And finally some gorgeous presents stacked under the tree, perfect for any excited little girl in "Candy Dream " a lovely mix of pinks, aquas and blues on 10 ply cotton (next to the tree, top left).

I really love the Christmas story that Zan has gone to so much effort to achieve in her samples. There are also some generous coupons for 5 lucky people for a massive 30% off at Zanz Thingz. How exciting!!! :)
Don't forget to check out all the other lovely colourways at Zanz Thingz
Thanks Zan for your amazing contributions!!!

Shiloh Wool and Fleece

Hi again,

We have all been very spoilt by Shiloh Wool this sampler!! They have generously contributed 8ply skeins of Silk Dream, both undyed and handdyed varieties.

Apparently these are seconds but there I have yet to work out why! They are beautiful yarns that are incredibly soft and true to their name of 'Silk Dreams'. These really are lovely colourways and buttery soft yarns. They appear to have taken up the dye beautifully so would be wonderful base yarn to work with for those who dye their own yarns.
Shiloh Wool have also contributed some incredible fleeces this time round as well. They are gorgeous samples that would have anyone who works with fleeces drooling just a little ;) These would be beautiful for spinning and felting or dying your own.
You can contact Shiloh Wool for their brochure via-
phone- 03 5251 2497
A copy of their brochure and price list (very reasonable) will be included with their lovely samples.
Thanks to Shiloh Wool for their amazing contributions!!!

Susanne's House of Wool

Hello again,
Here are the samples from the talented Susanne from Susanne's House of Wool who has contributed some very bright and beautiful (and tempting) tops and yarns. She has dyed up some incredibly vibrant colourways this time and they are just so perfect for a fun summer project. Here are the yarns that Susanne's House of Wool have contributed. Both are 8 ply and the brighter of the two is made from pure New Zealand wool. The softer one has the most pretty purples, mauve, pinks and blues through it and the brighter one is very fun and playful with lovely bright blues, yellows, greens, purples and a great dark pink.

The tops I must admit, I have fallen a little bit in love with this month :) They are a generous 20 grams of 22micron merino tops in awesome bright colours. I am just loving the combinations of colours here! Very funky and playful!
Don't forget to check out the other colourways that Susanne has brought together in her shop
Thanks Susanne for your beautiful contributions!! We are very spoilt :)

Friday, November 20, 2009

Kathy's Fibres

Hi Everyone,
Once again we have been very spoilt with Kathy's Fibres' contributions! She has made up a delightful Christmas roving "Christmas Holly" that is almost in jewelled tones leaning towards a deep red and almost jade green. Just a gorgeous combination!!

The other colourway that Kathy's Fibres' has contributed is 'Carnival' with such bright and cheerful colours that really sets the tone for the fun holidays ahead of us. Kathy has a way of making her colour combinations almost seem to dance playfully together and I think this one shows it best!
These colourways would spin or felt up beautifully and are of the high quality that we have come to expect from Kathy's Fibres. Don't forget to check out her other colourways (each as lovely as the next) and her new limited edition rovings too on her website though be warned, they are very tempting! :)
Thanks again Kathy for your gorgeous contributions!

Knits and Pretties

Hi all,
Here are the amazing and delicate stitch markers that Dovey has contributed from her shop Knits and Pretties. Such an appropriate name when you see how pretty and elegant these stitch markers are! There are some very beautiful Christmassy ones, diamond looking ones and some pearly ones, (which I think might be my favourite!). Not only this, but her very talented and clever husband has made a drop spindle for one very, very lucky Ewe Beaut buyer! How generous!! For those who miss out out on what is such fine and special spindle, there will be some available soon at her shop I know I can't wait for that! :)

Thanks to Doveyyyyyyyyyyy and her hubby for their amazing contributions this month!
Don't forget to check out their store for other great finds-

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Hawthorne Cottage Fleece

Hi everyone,
Here are the fleeces that Hawthorne Cottage have sent in.
They are in such brilliant and vibrant colourways this time and would be an amazing addition to any project. I've taken a shot of one without the packaging just to show the depth of colour as it really is dyed beautifully.

As you can see, Hawthorne Cottage has sent in a great variety of colours that are each as rich and as vibrant as the next. They aren't just pretty to look at- they are also quite soft with great crimp. I know I will be remembering these next felting project!

You can find Hawthorne Cottage at these places-
along with the the Arts Centre Market in Melbourne on Sundays.
Thanks again to Hawthorne Cottage for their beautiful contributions. I am sure the lucky box buyers this month will be very impressed with your eye for colour!

Sthrnx's handmade glass buttons

Hello again everyone,
Here are the absolutely stunning buttons from Sthrnx who has contributed some classy Christmas designs on her buttons for this sampler.
As always, these are of such quality and beauty that they would make a fantastic addition to any soon-to-be-Christmas present or maybe just a spoiling for yourself! :) I know that's what I have in mind....
These needn't be just for Christmas though, they are so beautiful that they add a little bit of intrigue to whatever project is lucky enough to feature them.
Sthrnx has just started up a blog which would be worth following along with, maybe even getting a sneaky peak at her lovely creations.

Thanks again to Sthrnx for her gorgeous contribution to our very special Christmas sampler!