Monday, August 3, 2009

Spacefrog has landed!


Here are the absolutely amazing sock yarns from Spacefrog. The first photo I have included just because it was so exciting to open up her box and to see all of her yarns together. Hopefully you will feel the same when you have your box full of everyone's yarns!

Aren't they awesome! Once again I am head over heals in love with the colours that have been used. My poor savings is not looking so great anymore! :)

My son has already put in his order for lots of the rainbow yarn! I can't decide which colours I like the best from Spacefrog! They are all so beautiful. Thanks Spacefrog these are great!
Have a look at Spacefrog's store on Etsy at


  1. Oh - look at all that gorgeousness - I'm getting so excited about this!

    Have you been rolling in all this glorious yarn and fibre? (Go on - you can tell me - I won't breath a word - truly!)

  2. Hehe! Only just a little bit! :)
    Aren't they jsut amazing!

  3. oh yay. i love spacefrogs stuff. i have got some of her hand dyed taht is being made into some lovely cabled fingerless gloves. cant wait to try more of it.