Friday, September 25, 2009


Here are the samples from Vintage Purls, our first New Zealander to get their samples in to Ewe Beaut! Very exciting, and wonderfully packaged might I add! It was so exciting to open the box to see the three layers all beautifully and carefully wrapped ready for me to oggle! :)

The yarns above and below have are a very clever colourway, the top being 'Hyacinth by Night' and the one beneath being 'Hyacinth by Day'. Such fitting names that perfectly describe the colourway. They are both 75% New Zealand Merino Superwash/25% Nylon and would knit up into the most beautiful pair of socks.

Vintage Purls have also sent in some incredible tops for us to sample as well. They are New Zealand Perendale that are 29 micron. They are a generous 25 grams as are the sock yarn samples. I can imagine these would have the most amazing distribution of colour when spun up. Can't wait to see what you all make of these!
If you would like to see what else Vintage Purls have to offer you can check out their website at They also have a group on Ravelry called Vintage Purls which is well worth having a look at for, if nothing else, to have a stickybeak at the amazing projects that people have used their Vintage Purls yarn for.
Thanks for contributing, Vintage Purls! I am sure everyone will be just as excited to see your samples as I am! :)

Sthrnx's handmade glass buttons and stitch markers

Hello all,
Here are Sthrnx's brilliant-as-always contribution to the Spring box. Except this time we are getting extra spoilt!

Sthrnx has contributed some stitch markers as well as buttons this time! They are incredible! Each stitch marker is like a little work of art that could easily pass for a piece of fine jewellery. I wish I had words to explain just how intricate and detailed each one is, but you might have to wait til your box arrives! :)

The buttons are also just exquisite with the high amount of detail and perfection that we have all come to connect with Sthrnx.

Thanks Sthrnx for such wonderful works of art that we can adorn our knitting with (and other creative endeavours of course!)
You can see what else Sthrnx sells by checking out her

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Zanz Thingz

Imagine my delight when I opened up this package of samples! Such a feast for my eyes!
Zanz Thingz have contributed three gorgeous colourways for Spring that fit the theme of 'Spring' perfectly. So lets have a look at what Zan has sent in!
First sample in our Springtime gallery is called "Jasmine" and is incredibly soft! I love where Zan has taken this theme as this is so crisp, so fresh, so perfectly Spring morning! We used to have the biggest Jasmine vine climbing our childhood home where the scent would just fill our house every Spring. This sample invokes this memory so perfectly!
This next one is 'Spring Flowers' made from 22 micron merino doesn't it look like those gorgeous little bulb flowers that surface each Spring?

Lastly in "Daffodil Garden" made from Aran weight Organic Merino- what a lovely combination! :) A very bright, bold and beautiful colourway!
Don't forget to check out Zan's shop at where Zan has many, many more exciting products.

The Bird and The Fish

Hello all,

Here are the incredibly vibrant samples from 'The Bird and the Fish' that so beautifully show up the variety of colour found in any thriving Spring-time garden. The camera had a little bit of a hard time showing up the brightness of these lovely colours, but I promise you they are so rich and delightful that you will be amazed when you are holding your own lovely samples.
These are a very soft 20 micron merino sample that have been meticulously hand-dyed. They are the sort of sample that you can really see the quality, care and time taking in when you look at them up close. I can only imagine this would be more so when you start to spin with them!These are quite generous sample sizes looking to be about 8inches long! I guess you can use the size of the business card as a scale for just how generous The Bird and the Fish have been.
Have a look at what else The Bird and the Fish have been up to by visiting their blog at It is well worth the visit!

Hawthorne Cottage Yarns and Fleece

Hello everyone,
These samples are from Hawthorne Cottage for the Spring box. They are so soft and feminine this month. I have had the yarns sitting on top of my coffee table for the past few days and I think I have fallen more in love with them the more I see them! They have the most amazing and tasteful combinations of colours. As you can see in the photos below, no two sample skeins of this are exactly the same, giving a beautiful and tantalising taste of the full beauty of this colourway.
These skeins are made from a blend of English Leicester and Corriedale and are 8ply. They are each a generous 25 grams and are in the colourway 'English Garden'. Such a fitting name for such a lovely sample.

Hawthorne Cottage has also included some natural undyed fleece for those of you who spin, dye your own and felt. I'd love to see what you can turn this blank canvas into, although it is quite beautiful in it's undyed state too! There is plenty more available from Hawthorne Cottage, so feel
free to drop them an email to to gather more information.
Don't forget to check out their other creations at or to see what is happening on their blog at

Kathy's Fibres

Hey all,
Here are Kathy's Fibres' samples for this month. They are just gorgeous! The ones above are beautiful earthy, yet bright tones in the colourway 'Inspiration'. I can see where Kathy got the name from! I am thinking elegant summer evening shawls.... funky urban cowls.... the possibilities are endless really! What does this colourway inspire you to make? I'd love to hear! Drop us your ideas in the comments :)

Here is 'Happy'. Great, golden, bright Spring colours in this one. It seems to be a celebration of the warmer and longer days that are starting to creep in. These colours would look great on a cheeky little toddler, or anyone really with a playful streak!
Have a look at what else Kathy has on her website at It is really worth a visit!

Saturday, September 12, 2009

Wooltopia's Cotton Samples

Hello again,
Here are just a few more samples from Wooltopia for the Spring September box. These ones are 8ply cotton and will be ideal for those Spring and Summer knits.

These blue toned ones are in the colourway 'Carribean'.

Mmmm! 'Chocolate kisses' colourway looks just delicious!
You can have a look at what else Wooltopia offers by checking out
and you can keep up to date with Wooltopia on her blog-

Friday, September 11, 2009

Waratah Fibres

Hi everyone!
Here are Waratah Fibres' contributions for the Spring Ewe Beaut box. Can't you just see the flowers blooming as you look at her bright and beautiful array of gorgeous samples! They are simply delightful!
Here are a couple of closeups of her Wensleydale tops which are a generous 50gram sample each! These are so beautifully dyed with the colours being even more amazing in real life.
These samples from Waratah Fibres would have taken a huge amount of time and effort as they have all been so beautifully presented.
You can contact Helen from Waratah Fibres on her website at or by email on

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Susanne's House of Wool

Hi everyone,

Here are Susanne's gorgeous Spring themed samples from Susanne's House of Wool love this colourway!

She has again contributed tops and pure wool mini skeins for you to sample so whether you are a spinner, knitter, crochetter or any other textile artist, I am sure you will be very impressed with the quality of this colourway.

Above are the 22 micron merino tops in her 'Spring Delight' colourway. Very lofty and 'squidgy'. I would love to see this one spun up, it looks as though it would turn out wonderfully!

And here is a close up of her 8ply 100% pure wool samples that have been hand-dyed in the 'Spring Delight colourway. I must say, I am very impressed with where Sue has taken the Spring theme, you can almost smell the fresh rain on the grass just by looking at her samples.

Don't forget to check out her other dyelots on

Well done Sue! I love it and I am sure others will too!

Wooltopia's samples

Hey all!

Finally back on the net properly, and with some awesome samples to show you!

These ones are from Wooltopia and are so very soft and vibrant. Wooltopia has sent in a variety of her yarns in some beautiful colour ways.

These are all made from 100% wool, either Blue Faced Leicester (Aran) or traditional wool. They are lovely generous samples that should give you a lovely amount to play with. They are dyed beautifully with excellent combinations of colours.

You can have a look at what else Wooltopia offers by checking out

and you can keep up to date with the clever lady behind Wooltopia on her blog-

I am very sure you will love Wooltopia's samples and will be back for more! :)