Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Zanz Thingz

Imagine my delight when I opened up this package of samples! Such a feast for my eyes!
Zanz Thingz have contributed three gorgeous colourways for Spring that fit the theme of 'Spring' perfectly. So lets have a look at what Zan has sent in!
First sample in our Springtime gallery is called "Jasmine" and is incredibly soft! I love where Zan has taken this theme as this is so crisp, so fresh, so perfectly Spring morning! We used to have the biggest Jasmine vine climbing our childhood home where the scent would just fill our house every Spring. This sample invokes this memory so perfectly!
This next one is 'Spring Flowers' made from 22 micron merino doesn't it look like those gorgeous little bulb flowers that surface each Spring?

Lastly in "Daffodil Garden" made from Aran weight Organic Merino- what a lovely combination! :) A very bright, bold and beautiful colourway!
Don't forget to check out Zan's shop at www.minicuteture.com.au/store/36 where Zan has many, many more exciting products.

1 comment:

  1. Wow! Gorgeous! Zanz has captured my white jasmine and especially my pink/yellow freesias just perfectly! I'm inspired!