Tuesday, September 22, 2009

The Bird and The Fish

Hello all,

Here are the incredibly vibrant samples from 'The Bird and the Fish' that so beautifully show up the variety of colour found in any thriving Spring-time garden. The camera had a little bit of a hard time showing up the brightness of these lovely colours, but I promise you they are so rich and delightful that you will be amazed when you are holding your own lovely samples.
These are a very soft 20 micron merino sample that have been meticulously hand-dyed. They are the sort of sample that you can really see the quality, care and time taking in when you look at them up close. I can only imagine this would be more so when you start to spin with them!These are quite generous sample sizes looking to be about 8inches long! I guess you can use the size of the business card as a scale for just how generous The Bird and the Fish have been.
Have a look at what else The Bird and the Fish have been up to by visiting their blog at www.birdandthefish.blogspot.com. It is well worth the visit!

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