Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Hawthorne Cottage Yarns and Fleece

Hello everyone,
These samples are from Hawthorne Cottage for the Spring box. They are so soft and feminine this month. I have had the yarns sitting on top of my coffee table for the past few days and I think I have fallen more in love with them the more I see them! They have the most amazing and tasteful combinations of colours. As you can see in the photos below, no two sample skeins of this are exactly the same, giving a beautiful and tantalising taste of the full beauty of this colourway.
These skeins are made from a blend of English Leicester and Corriedale and are 8ply. They are each a generous 25 grams and are in the colourway 'English Garden'. Such a fitting name for such a lovely sample.

Hawthorne Cottage has also included some natural undyed fleece for those of you who spin, dye your own and felt. I'd love to see what you can turn this blank canvas into, although it is quite beautiful in it's undyed state too! There is plenty more available from Hawthorne Cottage, so feel
free to drop them an email to hawthornecottage@bordernet.com.au to gather more information.
Don't forget to check out their other creations at www.hawthornecottage.com.au or to see what is happening on their blog at www.hawthornec.blogspot.com

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