Friday, April 30, 2010

Tarndwarncoort Samples

Hello everyone!

Just a very quick temporary post for you to see the next bunch of contributors who have just finished in time before the prebuy option goes out. This lovely one is from Tarndwarncoort in Victoria. Wendy Dennis from Tarndwarncoort has generously contributed samples of her delicious 4 ply wool and 8 ply wool/silk blends- all made with Polworth wool. The colours for these are absolutely vibrant and strong, ranging from the deepest blues to the softest pinks. I think my favourite is the lively orange hiding away a little in this photo. They are a gorgeous soft and squishy yarn, which I am sure has the gears in everyone mind whirring already at the potential projects! :)

Wendy has been incredibly helpful and welcoming while talking to her about Ewe Beaut, (as I'm sure she is all the time) and has been a pleasure to deal with. I am sure you will be most impressed with her products!

Come have a look at her website for Tarndwarncoort at and while you are there looking at the yarns, check out the accommodation! Looks like a very relaxing place! Thanks Wendy! I am sure we will all be very impressed by your products.

(More photos to follow.....)

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