Friday, April 30, 2010

Raxor's samples

Last one for now for the quick posts....
Here are the gorgeous samples from Raxor who has sent in some delightful raw alpaca fleece for us to play with. This is from the alpaca called 'Brinley' who has three lovely daughters on the farm that is Raxor's. This fleece is straight from Brinley's back so still has that incedibly fresh, soft feeling- just like patting a live alpaca! :)
The samples all have a great crimp to them and are so soft and smooth. It would be great to see these spun straight up with all those natural oils still in the yarn or even as a cute needle felting project! The great thing about this soft neutral, natural colour is that you could leave it as is and it would look beautiful, or you could dye it very easily as it would take up the colour wonderfully.
Raxor also stocks a variety of knitted products, jewellery and thick, smooshy handspun. I have seen some of her spinning before and it is very well made. Why not go and check out her stock at I'm sure there will be something you will fall in love with!
Thanks for the samples Raxor!
(more photos to follow)

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