Wednesday, October 14, 2009


And then the order returns! (well, temporarily anyway!)


Sunday, October 11, 2009

Needle food's Samples

Mmmm...... Needle food...... How could I not be excited when I opened up Needle food's box? :) Not only do they make incredible yarns, but they also hand out free chocolates with their orders!!! Whittakers no less :)
Ok, enough drooling over the cute little packages (yeah, I know, I'm a sucker for any promo!), have a look at the yarn close up-

This awesome colourway is called 'Spring, thy name is colour' (Libbie Fudim) and I can tell you this yarn full encapsulates the quote. It is so rich with all shades of green that I can't help but dream up what I would make with it, a cute Spring hat (for me this time!) comes to mind, along with a luxurious cowl, hmm, to many choices!

Needle Food have done a fantastic job packaging all of these up to make very exciting samples for this box! Have a look at their other tempting yarns at or keep up with Michelle's blog at Thanks Needle Food!!

The Yarn Cafe's Samples

Here are the samples from The Yarn Cafe in the incredible colourway of 'Fern'. They are so bright, yet soft and very inviting. The 'Fern' colourway is one of those rare ones that could be perfect for either a stylish gentleman or a creative woman. It is great to see some more colours that could suit just about anyone!
These ones are Bluefaced Leicester 4 ply Superwash Sock Yarn and are kettle dyed using professional acid dyes. With brilliantly coordinated colours, 'Fern' sock yarn has grass greens, forest greens, and a slight hint of light brown, effectively evoking the sight of the rainforest floor.

The lovely soft tops are also in the 'Fern' colourway and are just slightly lighter than the yarn, but just as beautiful! These are made from 100% Bluefaced Leicester.
It is well worth having a look at The Yarn Cafe's store at which has heaps of other exciting products too- plus some great tea and coffee! :)

Eco Yarns' Samples

Eco Yarns are here! They have sent in some fantastic samples of their Organic Cotton and Hand Dyed Bamboo fibre. Aren't we spoilt! :)
Firstly, here are the colours of the yarns that EcoYarns have sent in. They are 100% organic and fair trade tanguis cotton that have been plant dyed by hand using traditional methods. So, we can justify splurging with the knowledge that we are buying ethically. The colourways above, from left to right, are 'Patience', 'Pride', 'Gluttony' and 'Faith'. These would be great to use with summer coming up!

The extremely soft and luxurious bamboo has been contributed in three cute colourways of 'Ladybug', 'Spring' and 'Pink Purple Rose'.
More of EcoYarns' incredible stock can be found at I can't wait for you to try these products out for yourself as they really are incredible.

Celia's samples

Here are Celia's samples from Celia's Basket. She has contributed some gorgeous Fine Merino top samples that fit beautifully into the Spring theme of this box.
These first ones are in the colourway of 'First Blooms'. They are so fresh with softer greens flowing from bluer green tones to grass greens. These could be spun or felted into some beautiful pieces.

The other colourway sample is called 'Spring is Sprung' which has some amazing combinations of colours including apricots, golds, blues, pinks and creams. It reminds me of beautiful bulbs that are just opening up into even more beautiful flowers.
Both of these colourways are so lovely and fresh and incredibly soft. Thanks Celia, I am sure everyone will love them!
You can see all of Celia's range at and at