Sunday, October 11, 2009

Needle food's Samples

Mmmm...... Needle food...... How could I not be excited when I opened up Needle food's box? :) Not only do they make incredible yarns, but they also hand out free chocolates with their orders!!! Whittakers no less :)
Ok, enough drooling over the cute little packages (yeah, I know, I'm a sucker for any promo!), have a look at the yarn close up-

This awesome colourway is called 'Spring, thy name is colour' (Libbie Fudim) and I can tell you this yarn full encapsulates the quote. It is so rich with all shades of green that I can't help but dream up what I would make with it, a cute Spring hat (for me this time!) comes to mind, along with a luxurious cowl, hmm, to many choices!

Needle Food have done a fantastic job packaging all of these up to make very exciting samples for this box! Have a look at their other tempting yarns at or keep up with Michelle's blog at Thanks Needle Food!!

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