Friday, July 24, 2009

September theme

Hello to you all,

Hope you are all having more time to spin and knit than I have lately! :) I'm wondering what theme you would like to see for the September box? Post a suggestion below in the comments and if your theme is chosen you will win a free box for that month!! Too easy :)


Kathy's Fibres

Hello again everyone!
More samples to add! These are from Kathy at Kathy's Fibres, she has included two different colourways and they are amazing!!! So exciting! Anyway, enough chat, have a look for yourself :)

This first colourway is called 'Jewel' and are just magnificent! They are true to their name and will spin up beautifully.

The second is called 'Strelitzia' and fades through from greens to pinks to browns. These samples are stunningly beautiful. I can't wait for you all to see for yourselves! :)
You can see her full range of fibres and yarns at
If you are anything like me you will be spoilt for choice! :)

Zanz Thingz

Such an exciting week at the post office this week! :) Zan's fibres have also come in this week and they are gorgeous!! Have a look-

This first one is a sample of her fibre called 'Ocean' made from Merino. Beautifully soft!
The other sample that she has sent in is a bunch of Organic merino DK weight skeins called 'Summer in Bloom'. These will knit up amazingly! Have a look at her blog too, it has more beautiful images of her dying, you can find her at
Zan has also included 10% off vouchers for the lucky box buyers to use at her brand new store at
It looks great Zan! :)

Hawthorne Cottage Yarns

Hello everyone!

Sue has sent in some absolutely gorgeous fibres and handspun from her store Hawthorne Cottage Yarns that I am sure you will just love! Below are photos of each of the colours that she has sent in, hope the photos do the rich colours justice as they are just divine :)

These are the samples of her Hand Dyed English Leicester/Romney Cross fibre and weigh 20g each. Beautiful!
And these are a selection of the delightful pencil yarn samples that are hand spun and hand dyed. They would be wonderful to knit with (as you will find out!). Sue has contributed a generous 30m of yarn- I'm sure you will want to come back for more though- it is beautiful!!
You can check out Sue's products at
and her blog can be found at
Plus.... Sue has included a gift voucher as a surprise for one lucky box-buyer! If you are the lucky winner you can use this on her websites or at the Arts Centre Market at Melbourne on a Sunday- worth checking out if you are in the area.
Thanks for the samples Sue! I am sure that everyone will delight in seeing them and playing with them as much as I have! :)

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Susanne's samples

Hello everyone,

We just flew home last night, a little late, but safe and sound! As promised, here are the pictures of Susanne's beautiful samples. I can promise you they feel as great as they look.

Susanne has done a perfect job for the packaging, so anyone who is yet to send in thier samples and want an idea of how to package them, then have a look at how she has done them. Thanks Susanne!

Monday, July 6, 2009

Our first samples have arrived

Hello all,

Sorry it has taken so long to update everyone. We have been having a wonderful but busy time in the Blue Mountains visiting our family.

Our first samples have started rolling in with Susanne from Susanne's House of Wool passing on her contributions last Tuesday when we met up for coffee. I don't have my usual computer with me so I can't put the photos up yet (should be up Wednesday week) but I can promise you they are absolutely gorgeous! Some yummy gelato colours that are bright and delightful and some beautiful purple, pink and violet samples are amongst the ones that Susanne has sent in.
Her website is well worth a look in the meantime

I'll be back on in WA again soon, so will post pictures of all the samples as soon as we are back.

Happy spinknitcrochetting!