Friday, July 24, 2009

September theme

Hello to you all,

Hope you are all having more time to spin and knit than I have lately! :) I'm wondering what theme you would like to see for the September box? Post a suggestion below in the comments and if your theme is chosen you will win a free box for that month!! Too easy :)



  1. Hi JD,
    thank you for the lovely write up om my fibres
    I think a great theme for September would be Spring or Spring time as it is the first month of spring, I am sure you would see a fantastic array of colour.
    Keep up the great work
    Regards Kathy

  2. How about 'the outback'. I would love to see the colours of our 'sunburnt country'!


  3. Oooh!!! I love these so far! Spring was the first that came to my mind too, but the outback sounds good too- although those earthy tones could give my credit card a going over! :) Thanks Kathy and Aeonie

  4. Oh darn!
    I was going to say "Spring Fling" as my suggestion- but Kathy has beaten me to it! LOL
    So..... hmmmm...... how about.....
    "Sweet September"?
    'sweets inspired' fibre colourways- like choc. covered cherries/strawberries, licorice all-sorts, even milk bottles,starburst gummies, or neapolitan ice cream,etc.? Or what about Jaffa cake? This way "earth tones" people and "brights" people both could have a chance to get colours they would like? :)

  5. Rebirth and renewal - blossoms, babies and batts?

    Think of baby lambs, baby crias and baby kids, spring flowers - widlflowers in WA and daffodils, tulips, magnolias and camellias here in the southern states. And Batts of fibre and yumminess!

  6. Gosh I think there is a theme appearing, I suggest Baby, baby amounts of yarn, lambs and other furry little babies. Awwww babies

  7. My suggestion is more about the flora side of spring than the animal side of spring - so not so much babies, but landscapes and their colours - some Australian (eg think sunburnt country, eucalypts, wattle, banksia) and some not (eg think green meadows full of flowers, towering mountains, picturesque landscapes at sunset). I think this leaves a lot of scope for you while having an obviously beautiful theme.

    Good luck! Any news on when it will be coming out and the etsy address to watch? Or have I missed that info somewhere?

  8. So many clever creative ppl! :) whatever the theme, it is going to be a beautiful month!
    We haven't got the Etsy site up yet, but will have it very soon. It'll be called 'Ewebeaut' for anyone keen enough to stalk :)
    Our cut off for the August box has been extended til next weekend as there were a few who were tied up at Bendigo so are a bit delayed, so allow a few days for packing and it should be good to go by the 2nd week of August at the absolute latest. Sorry for the delays everyone, but we wanted to make sure that we could have as many ppl on board as possible for you.
    I will announce sale details on Rav and the blog as soon as we have exact details. Seeings as this is a first run, I just want to make sure of how long everything will take before setting exacts, not sure how many things I might have overlooked yet! :)
    Never fear- date shall be near!

  9. I really like the Baby and new beginnings idea, with baby fibres and baby skeins. I also thought with the birth stone for September being Sapphire that perhaps using this colour and colours which complement with it could be included in the box. Just a thought. I really don't want to miss out on the sample box, do I have to stalk etsy or will we be contacted through Ravelry to purchase them directly that way?

  10. I was thinking along exactly the same lines of spring. I am a lover of our outback colours too but they are similar to autumn leaves so that would be a good idea for then.

    Is this first sample box fibre, wool or both? I don't spin so would only be interested in a box not containing spinning materials.

  11. I like The whole idea of this being the first box. you could maybe use "The Big Bang!" you will have lots of things with lots of different textures and colours. It is like each box could be the makings of it's own yarn universe.

    All of these ideas have been great!

  12. I have a thought about the theme... instead of making a theme for the colours of yarn/fibre ( because they have already been sent ) perhaps it could be a theme for what people do with the yarn/fibre.
    EG. Have a 'tiny things' theme where people can make tiny socks/booties/whatever out of their samples and then everyone can vote on their favorite...perhaps the winner could have a free box the next month.

  13. Thanks Trashy knitting! That's exactly how our first box is already looking at the moment! :)
    Rebecca, that could be a really great thread to have on Rav, thanks for the suggestion, once my friend has finished our banner I will open up a group there for Ewe Beaut and I will be sure to add your idea.
    Thanks everyone for your suggestions!

  14. While I love the spring ideas, how about a box to celebrate Father's Day - and the men in our lives for September?

    We could have some tweedy type yarns, some blues and greens and greys in the fibres, something that could maybe be an argyle down the line...

    And after all, anything that gets the men appreciating the fibre obsession - uh, I mean love - is a good thing!

  15. To celebrate the fact that the weather will (hopefully) be starting to warm up, and based on all the pretty yarns in this sample, my suggestions is:

    Icecream Social!