Sunday, November 22, 2009

Jungle's samples

Hey (again!)
It is with great excitement that Jungle has rejoined the sampler with some awesome samples!! She has made up some great mini batts and some funky merino tops for us this time.

These mini batts are just gorgeous!! They are made from creamy Aussie merino and a touch of nylon sparkle, making them shimmer beautifully. The red one is called 'Mulled Wine' which is just a brilliant shade of red with hints of dark purply-red just peaking through and a sparkly gold shine to it. I'm loving this one!
The blue one is called layer cake and has more aqua and purple than is showing up in the picture. It is just divine too!!
The mini tops are very cute with top left being called 'Disco Kiss' (love that name!), centre is called 'Misty Forest' and top right is 'Tutti Frutti'. These are incredibly soft and are all Australian merino that have been hand dyed.
Jungle always has a good eye for colour and a great sense of fun in her colourways! Plus she has a special offer for any Ewe Beaut customers! Very tempting!!
Don't forget to check out her other colourways at
Thanks for your awesome samples Jungle!!

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